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Trailer Diesel Generator

  • Trailer Type diesel generator set with 2 wheels
  • Trailer Type diesel generator set with 2 wheels
Trailer Type diesel generator set with 2 wheelsTrailer Type diesel generator set with 2 wheels

Trailer Type diesel generator set with 2 wheels

  • Powered by Perkins Cummins
  • Power:10KW ~ 50KW
  • With 2 wheels
  • 4 * supporting leg
  • Product description: Trailer Type diesel generator set / Mobile diesel generator set Power:10KW ~ 50KW with 2 wheels drive

Trailer Typediesel generator set /  Mobile diesel generator set

Mobile trailer power station is an independent, complete power generation device and system.


Suitable for outdoor or mobility work

The good sealing, rainproof, use safety of compartments body

Towing power device

The trailer chassis using steel plate spring vibration

Trailer chassis configuration in the four corners have adjustable support from foot to foot device , and the front support guide wheel.

The maintenance platform design of Cars on both sides to facilitate maintenance

Trailer brake equipped with the driver brake, pneumatic or hydraulic brake etc. brake device

With road lights system so as to meet the requirements of road traffic safety

Manual or electric cable hinged plate and cable, aviation plug, etc can be equipped with according to the request of user.

Safety – Stability – Economy -  Reliability Power

1. Our cooperate with famous diesel engine –Powered by Cummins, Perkins,  Deutz , LovoL , Lister Petter, Doosan, Shangchai, SDEC, Weichai, MTU, Ricardo, Jichai.

2. Equipped with famous Brushless alternator – Optional Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon, JET, Mecc alte.

3. Equipped with 50°C radiator with fan, enough engine cooling system guarantee long time working

4. Equipped with advanced generator set control system, ATS system, remote control system, parallel operation system, optional control model, Deep sea, Smartgen , ComAp ,

Manufacturing Standard

GB/T2820, ISO8528,IEC34, CE, EPA Tier4 standard ,GB755,BS 5000,VDE 0530, NEMA MG1-22,IEC34。

Product Warranty policy

JET product has guarantee for one year or 1000 hours whichever reach first from ex-factory date. During the guarantee period, our will provide the free easy-damageable spare parts of alternator caused by our quality of production or raw material. After expiration, our provides cost spare parts maintenance of alternator. If engine with international warranty service, the engine product warranty by local authorization Service agent.

Trailer model Prime Power Specification Trailer size Base frame size Generator weight (KG)
(L*W*H)mm (L*W)mm
T1 20-45KW one axle with two wheels, front tow bar with wheels,triangle steering tow bar, steel base frame to support the generator, spring system, supporting legs, braking system and road lighting system, 3250*1630*840 2250*1000 1200
80KW 3900*1770*900 2900*1100 1740
100KW-110KW 4150*1770*900 3150*1100 1850
T2 120-150KW two axles with four wheels, triangle steering tow bar, steel base frame to support generator, supporting legs, braking system, road lignting system 4300*1770*900 3300*1100 2300
160-200KW 4600*1870*900 3600*1200 2600
T3 200-320KW two axles with four wheels,triangle steering tow bar,steel base frame to support generator,supporting legs, braking system, road lignting system 5200*2100*1100 3600*1400 4400
360-400KW 5400*2200*1150 3800*1500 5300
450-480KW 5500*2500*1150 3900*1800 5550
500KW 5600*2500*1150 4000*1800 5550
520KW 5800*2700*1150 4200*2000 5900

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