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Quickly Determine The Cause Of Abnormal Sound Of Diesel Generator Sets

1, when you hear the diesel engine running in the process of abnormal sound, the first thing to determine where the sound is from, for example, is the valve chamber inside, inside the body, the front cover, generator rental and diesel engine joints or cylinder. When determine the part, according to the working principle of the diesel engine to judge.

2, when hearing the abnormal sound in the body inside, should quickly stop, open the diesel engine body side cover, push the middle of the connecting rod by hand, if the sound in the upper part of the connecting rod, at this time can be concluded that the piston and connecting rod copper sleeve failure. If the sound is found in the lower part of the connecting rod during shaking, it can be concluded that the clearance between the connecting rod tile and the journal is too large or the crankshaft itself is faulty.

3、When abnormal sound is heard in the upper part of the body or inside the valve chamber, it can be considered that the valve clearance is not properly adjusted, the valve spring is broken, the rocker seat is loose or the valve push rod is not placed in the central position of the tappet, etc.

4、When the abnormal sound is heard at the front cover of the diesel engine, it is generally considered that the gear clearance is too large, the gear fastening nut is loose, or there is individual gear tooth failure.

5, when the abnormal sound in the diesel engine and generator at the joint, can be considered as the diesel engine and generator internal interface rubber ring has a fault.

6, when the abnormal sound from the cylinder inside, can be concluded that the oil supply advance angle is not properly adjusted or the piston and cylinder liner wear clearance increases.

7, when the diesel engine is heard after stopping the generator internal and rotating sound, it can be considered that the generator internal bearings or individual pins loose.


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