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Technical measures to prevent generator damage

1. It is forbidden to run the generator without excitation.

2. When the generator is running at high power rate, the automatic excitation regulator must be turned into automatic operation. If the excitation adjustment is in manual mode, the power factor must be controlled and should generally operate within 0.95 of the lag phase. Prevent the generator from losing synchronization.

3. Generators that have not been tested for phase advancement are prohibited from operating in phase if their phase advancement capabilities are not clear. Generators that can be operated in phase are prohibited from operating in phase if the automatic excitation regulator is not turned on. operation, and during phase advance operation, the automatic excitation regulator must have the function of low excitation limit. Low excitation limit protection must be reliably enabled.

4. During phase-advancing operation, the monitoring of the generator body and operating parameters should be strengthened. The core temperature of the generator is over-temperature.

5. Prevent non-full-phase operation and asymmetric operation of the generator. Strictly control the negative sequence current of the generator to prevent the generator rotor from burning due to excessive negative sequence current for a long time. Strictly implement the emergency stop regulations for generators, stop when necessary, and be careful not to damage the generator due to time delays.

6. Prevent explosion and fire accidents in the generator hydrogen system.

7. Fireworks are strictly prohibited within the scope of hydrogen-cooled generators and their hydrogen systems during operation. If open flame operations or maintenance tests are required, hydrogen leakage must be detected in advance, gas sampling and analysis must be carried out, and the gas mixture ratio must be confirmed to be within a safe range. , you can apply for a hot work ticket. After review and approval, you can work under the supervision of a designated person. If the above work takes more than 4 hours, the above testing and laboratory work should be carried out again.

8. It is strictly forbidden to place flammable and explosive items near a running generator and it is forbidden to overlap the ground wire of the welding machine on the hydrogen-filled pipeline.

9. When the generator is running, the reliable operation of the exhaust fan should be checked, and samples should be regularly taken from the exhaust fan outlet and the main oil tank to monitor whether the hydrogen content exceeds the specified value (2%). If it exceeds the specified value, the cause should be identified and eliminated. .

10. When the sealing oil pump is working, the standby switching should be normal, and regular test records should be made.

11. If the operator finds that the hydrogen supply increases abnormally, he should quickly contact the relevant personnel to identify the leakage point and eliminate it in time.

12. The purity of hydrogen in the machine should be maintained above 98%, and the oxygen content should be <1.2%. When these limits are exceeded, hydrogen should be discharged and replenished, and then pure hydrogen should be charged until the hydrogen purity is qualified.


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